About Deirdre
I began practising yoga at the age of 17 in my home state of Alaska, exploring it as a physical practise to compliment my dance background. After moving to Chicago at the age of 20, I discovered Astanga Vinyasa yoga, and knew I'd found home. Finally, the chance to move in an uninterrupted flow for 2 hours! The other 7 limbs began working their way into my consciousness as well, and in 2001 I did my first teacher training while living in San Francisco.

I began teaching yoga not only for the chance to share transformative experience with other folk, but also as a way to augment my income as a dancer. After a year or two my interest in dance waned as my yogic leanings and learnings waxed, and I moved to teaching full time. Perhaps as a result of dancing less, I started moving away from the strict rigour and daily repetition of the Astanga Vinyasa practice (though I went on to enjoy a teacher training with David Swenson), and began experimenting with creating my own yogic flows. I have always enjoyed the physical intensity brought about by the vinyasa style, and found that I loved translating the huge variety of yoga asana into coherent, structured flows.

I found the book Moving Into Stillness, by Erich Schiffman, and found that his intuitive style was similar to my own experience of yoga. I went on to do a teacher training with him in Santa Barbara, which opened my mind immensely.

After teaching and travelling my way through many more of the states, and starting a family, I moved to Ireland. To my surprise I found myself again drawn in to the world of professional dance, where I find my daily yoga practice to be a grounding, stabilising and inspirational influence.

Acrobatic yoga is a beautiful synthesis of many practises. It marries with yoga the circus skills I've picked up along the way, the body work, and most importantly, a tangible sense of community. Never before have my classes been so filled with laughter and sociability. My friend said it astutely: If Yoga means union, Acrobatic Yoga must be union with community. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Sharing yoga is, quite simply, my favourite thing to do.