Acrobatic Yoga
Acrobatic Yoga is the most body-friendly practise I have ever come across. It is energising, grounding, and sociable, and it makes you feel AMAZING.

Acrobatic Yoga combines yoga with acrobatic adagio - partner work. The most common thing that we work on is L basing - with one person lying on their back, legs extended up, with the other person on their feet (exactly like Superman, from when you were a kid). There are massive therapeutic elements - the flier can be twisted, massaged, stretched, and just relax into the complete support of their partner. We always work in teams of three - so you have a base, a flier, and a spotter (safety first). It can move into more acrobatic flying - inversions, turns, etc - which are exciting and dynamic, and tend to fill people with a sense of awe at that which they can accomplish. We always close by being stretched out by our friends and neighbours - just a little something extra, to make it that much more addictive!

The most important element, to me, is that the classes and jams have a very strong sense of community. Never before have my classes been so filled with laughter and sociability. My friend said it astutely: If Yoga means union, Acrobatic Yoga must be union with community. I couldn't say it better myself.