• Healthy Lovely Ladies Exercise Studio for Maximum Sex Attraction
    - Premiere September 2012
    - Dublin Fringe Festival
    - Dublin, Ireland
    • Drinking from the Well - Premiere April 2011
      - The Back Loft, Dublin, Ireland

    • In Whose Hands - Premiere August 2009
      - The Barn, Ottawa, Ontario
      - Judson Church, New York City November 2009
      - The Back Loft, Dublin, Ireland December 2009

    • Wax Hands - Premiere 2008
      - Dublin Fringe Festival, Dublin, Ireland
      - Legitimate Bodies Solo Performance Festival, Offaly, Ireland

    • June 27th, 2008 With History - Premiere 2008
      - Mamuska Nights
      - Listowel, Kerry, Ireland
      - Duet with Fergus Byrne

    • To the Edge - Premiere 2008
      - Dublin, Ireland (Short Film)
      - Directed by Mary Keane

    • The State Owns My Body - Premiere 2007
      - Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray, Wicklow, Ireland
      - Duet with Lisa Marie Johnson

    • Taught - Premiere 2004
      - Pittsburgh, PA, USA (Short Film)

    • Sun Up - Premiere 2004
      - Pittsburgh, PA, USA (Short Film

    • Status Quo - Premiere 2002
      - Solo
      - San Francisco, CA, USA

    • Split - Premiere 2002
      - Duet
      - San Francisco, CA, USA

    Recent Featured Performance Roles

    • Her Mother\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Daughters
      short film sponsored by RTE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Dance on the Box
      Dublin, Ireland - Premiere May 2010
      Choreography Cindy Cummings, Director Oonagh Kearney

    • Evelyn Tables
      short film sponsored by Dance Ireland\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Bursary Award
      Dublin, Ireland - Premiere October 2009
      Choreography Rebecca Reilly, Director Jade Travers

    • Edge, Croi Glan Integrated Dance Company
      Cork, Ireland 2009-10
      -performed aerial dance in integrated company


  • Arts Council Bursary Award 2012

  • Arts Council Small Festivals Award 2012

    • Arts Council Production Award 2011

    • Arts Council Bursary Award 2009

    • Culture Ireland Presentation Award 2009

    • Arts Council Travel and Training Awards 2008, 2009


  • Co-Curator/Producer (with Fergus Byrne) Transversal III (evening of dance and performance art) at The Chocolate Factory, November 2012. Support for the Arts Council of Ireland Small Festivals Funding

  • Co-Curator/Producer (with Fergus Byrne) Transversal2 @ the Dublin Fance Festival
    (Evening of performance art and dance) at Fumbally Court, May 2011

  • Co-Curator/Producer (with Fergus Byrne) Transversal (Evening of performance art and dance) at Block T, October 2010

  • Participant Genesis Project at Dancehouse, Dublin Ireland
    October-December 2009

  • Participant Directed Self Directed Solos Intensive with Tedd Robinson, Ottawa, Canada
    Sponsored by the Arts Council of Ireland
    August 2009

  • Participant Movement Research Exchange Program in New York City
    Sponsored by Dance Ireland
    April 2009

  • Choreographic Residency at Dancehouse, Dublin Ireland
    Sponsored by Dance Ireland
    March 2009

  • Participant in Mentored Choreographic Lab with Tedd Robinson
    Sponsored by Dance Ireland
    November 2008

  • Choregraphic Residency at Dancehouse, Dublin Ireland
    Sponsored by Dance Ireland
    June 2008-July 2008

  • Genesis Project at The Lab, Dublin Ireland
    Sponsored by Dublin City Council
    January 2008-March 2008

  • Participant in Cindy Cummings\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Choreographic Research Project
    Dance Ireland Choreographic Development Initiative
    December 2007-May 2008

  • BA in Theatre and Dance, University of Alaska, Anchorage, 1998

  • I have been teaching Yoga (Multiple certifications in prenatal, all levels of Vinyasa Flow, all levels of Astanga) for 8 years.

  • I have been dancing and performing theatre since the age of three.

  • Techniques studied include:
    - Aerial Dance, rope and harness (under Genevieve Mazin, Director Compagnie Retouramant, and Tara Brandel, Director Croi Glan Integrated Dance)
    - Release Technique and Modern Improvisation (2 years under Kathleen Hermesdorf)
    - Sanford Meisner acting improvisation techniques (2 years under Tom Skore)
    - Physical theatre (4 years under Michael Hood)
    - Ongoing (and/or intermittent) contact improv, Butoh, Capoiera, rhythm tap, Afrohaitian, Afrocuban, etc
    - Yoga practitioner of 17 years, 8 years teaching practice (multiple certifications)
    - Music based jazz dance and improvisation (4 years under Jill Crosby)
    - West African (5 years)
    - Limon/Humphrey (2 years)
    - Graham, Dunham, Horton (1.5 years under Linda Spriggs at Deeply Rooted Dance Theatre, Chicago)
    - 20+ years of ballet
    - Vocal performance in improvisational vocal ensemble, musical theatre, internationally touring choirs, solo performance, etc.