Drinking from the Well

Review from Le Cool Dublin:

Drinking from the Well is about reclaiming childbirth as a source of power for women, and while its intention is undeniably feminist and political, it has pure dance at its heart. The three dancers have worked closely together over a long time, and the result is a level of physical comfort with each other, evident even in photographs, which allows each individual to realize her true power as a performer. This expansion comes not only in movement, but in the performers' use of their voices, which, as they explain, "adds a layer of emotional resonance." On a subject where women are finally beginning to be heard, it seems appropriate that dancers, so often mute in performance, find their voice. Expect also the humour and earthiness that you'd find when any three hard working mothers get together.

Supported by a production grant from the Arts Council of Ireland, and featuring performers Rebecca Reilly and Lisa McGloughlin.