Artist's Statement
I prefer to provide both the movement content and a aural soundscape. I do not make songs per se, but (as of yet) prefer to use vocal melody and tonality to convey emotional content without the specification of story. Text that I use is similar - providing context, and content around a theme (not particularly abstractly), without narration. Physically my work is demanding. I adhere to no one technique, but push my body to and beyond extremes practiced in techniques such as yoga, butoh, capoiera. My work evolves coherently and thematically.

I hope that my work would move people to test their own capabilities; to experience the exultation of life -- to feel, more deeply, and to think, more keenly. Dance is the only art form that relies completely on the body, our common denominator, and is for me the most succinct way to transmit visceral truths that can be lodged in the body, and later examined in memory. Vocalisation extends upon that.